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Samsung's Wi-Fi Camera That Works With Android

Want a better camera than the one that's on the back of your smartphone display? Any point and shoot would do, but wouldn't it be even better if it had some of the fancy software features of your smartphone?

Samsung announced the SH100, a compact Wi-Fi enabled camera that allows for sharing over the internet and social networks. What's the most interesting, however, is that you can use Wi-Fi to connect to your Android smartphone, so you can view the shot you’re about to take in real time on your phone. If you’re not happy with it, you can zoom in and out to get the best picture, and then activate the shutter remotely when you’re ready to pose. Users can even use their phone’s GPS to record the geotag. It's not clear whether this technology works only with Samsung's Galaxy S phones, but hopefully it'll be open to all Android users.

The SH100’s built in Wi-Fi can also automatically back up shots to a PC by only pushing two buttons, or by using DLNA to wirelessly connect to your HDTV and see your photos and videos right away.

Pricing is set for $199.99 when it hits in March.

  • techcurious
    The price seems reasonable, and the 5X optical zoom is Nice. The added features it is introducing can be very useful to the right person. But... does Samsung make nice camera's to begin with? I am not saying it doesn't. I am really just asking if the final resulting pictures it takes are as good as similar products made by Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc..
  • joytech22
    techcuriousI am really just asking if the final resulting pictures it takes are as good as similar products made by Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc..
    Well i have a 7MP Samsung camera, a 10MP samsung camera and a 10MP Canon camera.
    The Canon camera kills the Samsung camera in every criteria, Low-Light, High-Speed, Clarity, Noise (incredibly low no matter the lighting).

    But mind you, both of those Samsung camera's are 2-3 years old.

    Samsung can't go backwards in quality so i can assume that quality should be no problem but the small sensor on that camera won't work great in low-light conditions (at night in a poorly lit area).
  • mayankleoboy1
  • joebob2000
    In the compact realm, samsung cameras compete pretty well. with the other names. They are sticking to their consumer focus (hence the introduction of a whizbang feature like remote phone control) so don't expect it to take any Time Magazine cover shots. But for a gadget camera, this one is worth a look!
  • milktea
    Very neat idea from Samsung. Hopefully, Samsung doesn't patent this WiFi camera to phone idea. Because I would like Canon to have this feature on their camera, so that I could take pictures from my DSLR and have the pictures store/backup to my Smartphone. :)
  • eddieroolz
    That's neat and all, but I want a simple camera that focuses on the sensor and lens than some unnecessary software.