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Widescreen Notebooks: More Than Just Expensive DVD Players?

Case And Connections, Continued

The card reader on the right edge of the case not only supports the SD format, but also supports proprietary formats such as MS and MSPro as well. Out of cost considerations, Dell protects the PC card slot with a simple plastic dummy card. There are no surprises with the Inspiron 6000d number or kind of connections offered.

On the right hand side are located the audio connections, an SD card reader, 2 USB 2.0 ports and the FireWire port.

When the notebook is closed, there is a relatively large space between the display lid and the case. This ensures that under no circumstances will the display press down upon and potentially damage the keyboard.

Numerous ventilation slits next to the keyboard on the left and right and the left rear corner of the case provide good ventilation for the components housed within.

Lots of fresh air: ventilation slits are located next to the keyboard on both sides, in the upper left corner and on the bottom of the unit.

Convenient: the form and function of the power supply make for easier wrapping up and transporting of the power cable.