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Widescreen Notebooks: More Than Just Expensive DVD Players?

Keyboard And Displays

The keyboard of the M460Xlb is very large for a notebook. The keys provide adequate throw and comfortable pressure sensitivity. The keyboard is, however, on the whole not very sturdy and caves inward noticeably, and even visibly, when typing at faster speeds.

Wide but not mechanically robust: the keyboard of the M460Xlb.

This notebook is thus not suited as a working tool for individuals who type a lot. One plus is that the brightness, volume and speaker mute buttons are all placed on the right side of the keyboard. The status LEDs are built into the case at the most conceivably inconvenient spot - when typing on the keyboard or using the touchpad, they are almost completely obstructed from view by the user's own hands.

Poorly placed status lights

On the plus side, the machine features both a touchpad (always on) and a track stick. The engineers were obviously not really thinking when they decided where to position the otherwise clever battery meter. It can only be seen when the battery is not inserted into the device.

Good idea, lousy execution: the battery charge meter is only useful when the batteries are not hooked up to the device.