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Widescreen Notebooks: More Than Just Expensive DVD Players?

Display: Brighter, Better Contrast, And More Torsion-resistant Than What Acer Offers

The display of the Inspiron 6000 is not only considerably brighter (178 cd/m²), its black/white contrast of 690:1 also turned out to be a lot better than the contrast of the Acer TM8103Wlmi. There are eight brightness settings, which is absolutely enough. The display lid is also a good deal more torsion-resistant than its Taiwanese competitor. The screen hinges are however somewhat stiff.

The Inspiron 6000 notebook is equipped with an X300-graphics card from Ati that works with four-pixel pipelines.

Dell clocks the X300 graphics processor at only 216 MHz, although the graphics chip could run at 325 MHz. The 128 MB frame buffers on the other hand are clocked at 432 MHz (DDR), a bit higher than a standard clock speed. The 3D graphics capabilities will not be adequate for demanding gamers. They are sufficient though for somewhat older adventure or strategy games.

VGA And TV Outputs

The signal quality, and therefore the picture quality, of the VGA output is visibly better than Acer's 8103Wlmi. Even with a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels and a refresh rate of 85 Hz, the picture is clear and sharp.

Like its competitors, the Inspiron 6000d has a Hosiden S-Video output allowing the monitor signals to be played over a TV as well.