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White iPhone 4 Guy Could Face Possible Jail Time

While the white iPhone 4 was part of the announcement back in June, that particular model's been giving Apple manufacturing headaches. First it was pushed back to later this year, and now Apple's admitted defeat to the point where the white iPhone 4 won't be available until Spring 2011.

Given that kind of date, anyone wanting a white iPhone might as well wait until the inevitable refresh that'll hit next summer.

For those who want the Retina Display goodness now but also want it in a white package can go aftermarket. No, we're not just talking about a white colored case; we're talking about a full transplant. The desire for a white iPhone 4 has opened up the opportunity for modders to offer conversion kits to those brave enough to swap casings.

One particular seller is Fei Lam of Queens, NY. He's just 17 years old, but he's already raked in $130,000 from selling white iPhone 4 parts – enough to pay for college.

Lam claims that he is sourcing these parts from Foxconn, as he 'knows a guy' who has "somewhat of a relationship" with the company.

Either way, his little operation has come under scrutiny. Lam said that he received a letter from a private investigation firm accusing him of selling stolen and counterfeit goods.

Lam admitted that he doesn't know "how this legal stuff works." So it seems for now, his site remains in business.

Source: NY Observer