HP May Have Abandoned WebOS in Smartphones

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 hasn't gone anywhere so far and there may be even less room for HP. "We get the sense [HP] may already be conceding the smartphone market," said Caris & Co. analyst Robert Cihra in a note to clients.

The interesting portion about this assumption is that Cihra says that a reasonable tablet device does need a complementary smartphone platform as well as, so this may not be said and done quite yet. However, there are more signs that throwing money at the smartphone market without a radically new idea - as good as WebOS may be - isn't especially clever at this time. Microsoft is making a painful experience trying to catch up even with Blackberry. This is a tough market that does not only require tons of investment but ingenious ideas and the willingness to take big risks. Copying what is already there may not cut it.   

Cihra added to his rather sobering note that HP has a "poor track record" outside PCs and printers. So, was the acquisition of Palm for $1.2 billion a bad idea and should have HP gone with Android? Perhaps. We will find out in the not too distant future.   

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  • fyasko
    HP is concedind the smart phone market becuase they have no vision or ability to innovate. HP is a boring company that hops on "the next big thing" firt it was touch screen PC's then it was tablets, now smart phones... same as it ever was...
  • COLGeek
    With all of the buzz of Android and the market share Blackberry/RIM already has, is this a shock to anyone?
  • fyasko
    *"Conceded" and *"because" I'm a genous!