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13 Webcams Reviewed

Logitech QuickCam Communicate Deluxe

RightSound Technology

This webcam has an integrated microphone with RightSound technology. It is impressive, and perhaps the best sound quality we've encountered on a webcam. There is no background noise or echoing and the voice is so clear that we felt like the person was right in front of us.

Logitech promises sharp and lively images in all lighting conditions thanks to its RightLight 2 technology.  A glass lens is supposed to help produce realistic images, while a sensor takes photos at a resolution that can be as high as five interpolated megapixels.  Moreover, this webcam integrates a microphone with RightSound technology.  In theory, this means crystal clear sound in conversations without echoes or background noise. 

The body of this Webcam is composed of glossy and matte black and gray plastic, which gives it a sober but efficient look.  The base remains the same as previous models, and the Communicate Deluxe is perfectly adapted to CRT and LCD screens.  However, the instant screen shot button has changed places and is now found on the left hand side.  Also, on top there is now a lens cover directly integrated with the body. 

We thought that the manufacturer would have added an automatic focus feature, given the higher price of this model; however, unfortunately there is only a simple manual focus on the right side.

Image quality with and without RightLight 2

As mentioned above, the RightLight 2 is supposed to make the image richer.  In our opinion, the only thing this technology manages to do is make the webcam erratic.  Automatic settings are constantly modified, with brightness automatically changed to its minimum and maximum settings, making it uesless.  Luckily, Logitech offers the choice to activate this function in the setup of the Communicate Deluxe.  We chose to deactivate it and the result was better image quality.  In addition, it has exemplary reactivity both during the day and at night.  One small reservation is that in a poorly lit room, automatic settings aren’t always the best adapted.  It’s better to go into manual mode and increase the gain as well as exposure in order to have a brighter image without a noticeable reduction in the image rate.

Logitech QuickCam Communicate Deluxe
DesignQuality of image day and nightSound qualityFluidityBase
Manual focus

The Communicate Deluxe is a very good webcam offering a rare quality of image and sound. We did, however, miss an automatic focus on this model.