Core webOS Enyo Team Jumps Ship to Google

The HP drama just doesn't stop. In the latest episode with the struggling company, members of the team behind Enyo will be leaving HP and heading over to Camp Google.

Enyo is the HTML5-based application JavaScript framework for webOS that made its first appearance on the TouchPad last year. It allows developers to build and maintain HTML5 applications of any size and complexity -- meaning that resulting apps will work on the Web or a mobile device. But with the team now bailing out on the company, the future of webOS is now up in the air.

HP is officially denying any problems, claiming that HP will remain committed to the Open webOS project and that everything is still on track. "We're pleased with the traction Enyo has gained to date and plan to continue its development along with the open source community," HP said in a statement. "The Open webOS project is on schedule and we remain committed to the roadmap announced in January."

Initially it was believed that the entire Enyo team was heading to Google. But as Friday rolled on past noon, additional sources indicated that Enyo head Matt McNutty and several members of the team will be those that depart. While that may not sound utterly apocalyptic, sources claim this departing group was responsible for 99-percent of the code.

AllThingsD offers even more insight as to what may have happened. The report claims that the departing team contains over half a dozen members that have already been hired on by Google, and will start their new jobs next month. Instead of striking a deal with HP to acquire the technology, Google instead talked with individual workers over the past month. Each one was hired individually, and will reform as a group next month.


Currently it's unclear as to what the new team will be working on, but Google has been a big proponent of HTML5 apps. The search giant could be trying to boost its Chrome OS effort even more, or have the team sling HTML5 apps onto Android.

HP's webOS unit has suffered significant layoffs and voluntary departures since the beginning of 2012. These included former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein and others in the business and engineering ranks.

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  • Shin-san
    Well, the Android layout engine is XML-based. I don't think it would be that hard to shift it over to HTML5
  • shloader
    Meg is just continuing what Leo started; destroying HP from the inside. She's just doing it in a different method so people think she has an entirely different agenda. Long term results will be identical. Well it's either that or she's a raving idiot.
  • blazorthon
    Lovely_LisaMeg Whitman is officially dumber than a box of rocks ... I wasn't quite convinced when she bought Skype while at eBay. Now I'm convinced. If you open-source your OS, you don't fire half the team, thinking "hey I just keep the good ones". Because, that's how they (the engineers) and your competition (Google) know that they are good. Google probably just saved millions in html5 development. And HP now has an OS that will probably die, losing their entire investment and losing the potential for any future revenue. Dumb ... dumb .... dumb.

    Don't forget, she said that she believes that Google is going to make Android closed-source. I think that her apparent ignorance (be it true or not) was already official.