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Watch Dogs Mission Gameplay Preview

The more of Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs," we see, the more we crave to play it. After months of tantalizing gamers' palettes with juicy demos of the open world gameplay, the developer finally showed off some mission gameplay.

In a near-future Chicago, players take command of a mysterious vigilante named Aiden Pearce. During the demo, a Ubisoft rep informed us that Pierce secretly monitors his family to protect them from something from his past. Something has happened to Pierce's family, forcing him to use his considerable hacking prowess to tap into cTOS, the city's central operating system to obtain some justice. Once in, Pierce can tap into nearly any electronic device with the use of his trusty smartphone, including security cameras, traffic lights and ATMs.

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But Pierce isn't above a little run and gun action. During the demo, we saw Pierce visit the local gun shop and pick up some hardware included a suppressed 9mm. After stocking the arsenal, he rides to meet his contact, a fixer named Jordi Chin.

Once Pierce hooks up with Chin, we see that he might be a little unbalanced. After a dialogue with Pierce, we notice that Chin has kidnapped the residents of an apartment so he can use it as a sniper's nest for the upcoming mission.

Adrian has been tasked with locating the fixer boss at the construction site across from the apartment building. Pierce stealthily enters the site and throws out a Lure, a diversionary weapon that quickly incapacitates a hapless guard with a shock. Next, Pierce makes his way to the upper level and takes out a guard with some slick close quarters combat or CQC.

From there, the shadowy protagonist takes out another guard with the previously procured 9mm and makes his way to the boss. After a quick cutscene, Pierce must now escape the construction site that is crawling with hostiles. It's time for the heavy hardware as Pierce pulls out an assault rifle and puts down a few foes.

Before the other fixers can overwhelm him, Pierce slips into Focus mode, which slows down time around him, allowing him to pick off two more guards with some well-placed head shots. Next Pierce deploys a few improved explosive devices (IEDs) creating blasts that would make Michael Bay jealous.

Having eliminated the last of the enemies, Pierce uses his phone to blackout the area, allowing him to slip into the night and prepare for his next mission.

We left the demo impressed with the title's high level of polish. From the realistic-looking guns to the stealth mechanics and healthy mix of melee and gunplay, "Watch Dogs" looks to be a must-have title for the holiday season. "Watch Dogs" is set to hit store shelves on Nov. 19.

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  • SkyBill40
    The "I" in IED stands for "improvised".
  • happyballz
    I think you meant Improvised Explosive Devices ... not a bad write-up otherwise. Probably will be a fun game...hopefully not too short though. It seems most games lately are barely a week of play-time (Skyrim being probably one of best exceptions).
  • RazberyBandit
    I thought the protagonist's name was Aiden Pierce, not Adrien...
  • NoelTimmy
    I already played the demo and its addicting.
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