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Where to Watch 'American Horror Story' Online

Now in its third season, this show takes the eerie supernatural genre to a different setting, for a fully contained storyline, each season. The series began in 2011 at a haunted house in modern-day LA, then moved to an insane asylum in 1964, and is now set in a New Orleans witches coven alternating between the 1830s, the 1970s and today. Though each season is independent of the other, some actors have returned to play multiple roles, including Jessica Lang, Zachary Quinto ("Star Trek") and Evan Peters. Other actors staring in single seasons include Dylan McDermott ("Hostages"), Connie Britton ("Friday Night Lights"), Cathy Bates, Joseph Fiennes and Angela Basset.

FX recently renewed the show for a fourth (2014-2015) schedule, and co-creator Ryan Murphy announced that Jessica Lang will return, though in a minor role.

Where can you watch it?

Netflix Instant (subscription, $7.99)

Season 1.

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ITunes (à la carte)

Episodes cost $1.99 each (SD) and $2.99 (HD).
Seasons 1-3: SD: $19.99 to 22.99; HD: $29.99 to 33.99.

Vudu (à la carte)

Episodes cost $1.99 each (SD) and $2.99 each (HD).
Seasons 1-3: SD: $19.99 to 22.99; HD: $29.99 to 33.99.

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