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Walmart Photo Calendar Review: Out of Date

Walmart Photo's calendar-creation service has stifling software, and the printed calendar was unattractive, too.

Our Verdict

Walmart Photo's calendar-creation service has stifling software, and the printed calendar was unattractive, too.


  • Very easy-to-use software
  • Intelligent (though very limited) photo-editing sliders


  • Rigid, uneditable templates and layouts
  • Very limited backgrounds
  • No clip art, photo borders or drop shadow
  • Unattractive printed calendar

Walmart Photo appears to have put little thought or effort behind its photo-calendar service. The software offers as little as possible in terms of functionality and content, and the printed calendar was boring, with photos that ranged from passable to ugly.

Creating Your Calendar

Walmart's cookie-cutter calendar software is easy to use, but it doesn't let you do much beyond placing photos and adding text.  

Compared to Shutterfly and Mixbook, Walmart has a smaller library of calendar templates, though it's larger than what Apple offers. What sets Walmart's templates apart is the company's rigidly fixed and boring layouts, and only a handful of unimpressive backgrounds are associated with each. Interestingly, when we chose a 12-month calendar, the software insisted on making it a 13-month layout, but the template didn't provide enough backgrounds for users to have a different one for each page and the cover.

We were unable to resize, reshape, rotate, delete or move photo placeholders, and we couldn't drag and drop photos onto the page without using layout placeholders. The text tool has a bit more flexibility, in that we could place our type anywhere on a page, and reshape, resize and move the block. However, the only text options are font, size, alignment and color, with no italics or bold options. The Walmart photo calendar has no clip art, drop shadows or photo borders.

We easily dragged and dropped photos and added text onto specific dates in the calendar grid. While the photo-editing tools are very limited, they do include intelligent sliders for crop/zoom, tilt and brightness; plus a button for rotating the photo within the placeholder; and sepia and black-and white filters.

The Printed Calendar

Because of the severe limitations of the software, our Walmart calendar was generally unappealing — the comparatively small photos were overshadowed by unexciting backgrounds. Our jury unanimously rated the cover image as awful; it was very dark, with a flat tonal range that had no highlights and no details in the shadows. The interior pictures were significantly better than the cover: the overall color was okay and the pictures had decent-to-good exposure. However, shadows tended to lose detail, and a few pictures were muddy.

The paper stock is a nice (but not great) weight, on a par with calendars from Snapfish, Amazon and Picaboo. But the calendar appeared to be cheaply constructed; pages quickly started falling out of the spiral binding soon after the calendar arrived.

Price & Options

According to the Walmart website, our 12-month, 11 x 8-inch calendar should have cost only $10. However, at checkout, it was $17.49 plus shipping and tax. When we asked why, we were told (via online chat) that our calendar was more because we chose to not pick it up at a local Walmart store. In other words, Walmart double-charged us for shipping.

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Apparently, they are rethinking that policy. At the time this review was written, the home delivery prices for some of the other calendar options were as follows: 12 months, 12 x 12 inches: $14.99; 18 months, 12 x 12 inches: $19.99; 12 months, 14 x 11 inches: $25.86; or 18 months, 14 x 11 inches: $19.99. (All prices do not include shipping and tax.) We had the option of choosing our starting month.

Walmart's wide range of photo products included books, cards, mousepads, jewelry, ornaments, plates, pillows and much more.

Bottom Line

We would be embarrassed to give a Walmart Photo calendar as a gift. The severely limited software forced us to create a boring, unappealing design, and the printed calendar had nothing to recommend it. Comparing this calendar to the ones from our preferred services Shutterfly, Mixbook and Apple would be like comparing a 2017 television to one from the 1950s: out of date.


Import photos from: Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Photos and your device
Templates & layouts: Uneditable
Backgrounds: Severely limited
Clip art: None
Text: Customizable, but no bold or italics

Credit: Tom's Guide