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World's First 3-D Augmented Reality Goggles

Augmented reality is the catchphrase that Internet pundits use to describe what fighter pilots and videogame nerds once called a HUD (Heads-Up Display). In a nutshell, it's all about adding computer generated elements to a scene viewed real-time—Like a HUD.

Once the concept divorced itself from its gaming roots and shacked up with the blonde buzzword, the idea took off pretty well. Right now, you probably have a few AR apps on your smartphone, like the one that tells you to hide your kids, your wife and your husbands. However, holding up your camera phone to a scene just to get additional info just isn't as fast as getting the info fed directly into your vision. Hence, AR goggles.

Vuzix isn't new to the whole augmented reality game; they've been showing off prototype goggles since 2009's CES, and have been hawking the previous version, the Wrap 920, all of this year. So what's new? Well for starters, the Wrap 920AR is the first pair of AR goggles of its kind to use 3-D. Don't hold your breath waiting to bring your 3-D gaming to real life, though: Vuzix is currently marketing the 920AR as a developer product, and it probably won't see mass consumption until late next year.

[source: Vuzix via Singularity Hub]