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Vizio Hypes Cheap UHD TVs for 2015

No one ever said that a 4K TV would be cheap, but at the very least, it doesn't have to be piggy-bank-crushingly expensive. Vizio has always aimed for affordability, and its 2015 TV lineup is no exception. Vizio's ultra-high-definition TVs for 2015 start at $600, and sport a few bells and whistles that may help improve picture quality overall.

Within the next few months, Vizio's M-Series of 4K TVs will arrive at retailers all around the United States. Its cheapest TV sports a 43-inch diagonal and costs $600. The most expensive model measures 80 inches and costs $4,000.

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(Compare and contrast to a higher-end brand like Samsung, which charges $949 for a 40-inch UHD TV and $10,000 for an 85-inch model.)

Although Vizio's M series does not have any unique color technology, like Samsung's SUHD designation or LG's OLED screens, it promises deep blacks courtesy of full-array, local-dimming backlighting. Furthermore, a technology known as Clear Action 720 allows for very fast screen refresh rates, which should theoretically allow smother video in fast-moving situations, such as a sports match or an action movie.

The M-Series runs on the Vizio Smart TV platform, which gives users access to apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube. At present, users can stream 4K content from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube; Hulu Plus may follow suit in the near future.

For videophiles who want cutting-edge tech, the company also announced a line of High Dynamic Range (HDR) TVs with Dolby Vision, which will range from 65 inches to 120 inches. HDR TVs can deliver extremely detailed picture quality and lighting. Prices and release dates for the Reference series remain a mystery.

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