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Rude Online Retailer Arrested

Vitaly Borker, the online seller who claimed that negative customer reactions was helping his store rank high on Google, has been arrested. A New York Times’ in-depth article published two weeks ago detailed Borker’s claims regarding his store DecorMyEyes, and the plight of Clarabelle Rodriguez, one of the customers he had scammed.

Rodriguez, who disputed her credit card charges after becoming unsatisfied with DecorMyEyes’s service, found herself subjected to intimidation and threats of sexual assault by Borker. When Rodriguez stood her ground, despite fears for her personal safety, Borker was able to fool Rodriguez’s credit card company into letting the charges stand.

Reaction to the New York Times article was widespread. Google made changes to its ranking algorithm in response, while Rodriguez’s credit card company and government agencies professed shock at Borker’s actions, and sorry at Rodriguez’s plight—even though the customer told the New York Times that all her attempts to seek redress through official channels had failed.

Interestingly, as the newspaper reports, “Now, there seems to be a competition to punish [Borker].” Local and federal law enforcement agencies have filed charges against Mr. Borker. Looks like it took some significant media coverage to get law enforcement officials off their backsides (link may require sign-in).