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Virgin Mobile to Cap 'Unlimited' Broadband at 5GB

Virgin Mobile in the U.S. has some the sweetest mobile plans out there, thanks to its low prices and prepaid options. One such option was its $40 unlimited data on its mobile broadband service running on Sprint's 3G network.

When Virgin Mobile said it was unlimited, it meant it. There were stories of people using this as their full time internet – which worked well as long as there was no need for low latency activities.

We used a Virgin Mobile MiFi device to help us get through CES. The $40 unlimited plan meant that we didn't have to worry about how much bandwidth we were using. That will all change come the day after Valentines Day, as Virgin Mobile will start to throttle speeds as users pass 5GB for the period.

On the bright side, this still means that it's an unlimited broadband data plan, with restrictions in place only for those who go over the 5GB line. We still prefer this to overage charges or a cut in service.

Check out the notification that we received: