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Batteries to be Recharged by Shaking

A Japanese manufacturer has developed a prototype battery that can be recharged by shaking it. Brother Industries Ltd. has produced a Vibration-Powered Generating Battery that is an induction generator and double layer capacitor in a battery-shaped case, according to Hideyoshi Kume of Nikkei Electronics. Prototypes include:

 - a AA-sized one that combines the generator and capacitor into one case for a low voltage

 - higher voltage AA and AAA-sized versions with separate cases for the generator and the capacitors

Brother Industries aims to "semipermanently eliminate the need to replace batteries and contribute to reducing the amount of wastes" with this new product. Or in other words, slash the battery budget and electric bill of most consumers. The company wants to see its battery powering low-power consumption devices including remotes, LED flashlights and garage door openers.

Brother Industries will premier its vibration-powered generating battery at Techno-frontier 2010, an exhibition that will run from July 21 to 23, 2010 in Tokyo. There is still no word on the availability.

  • hack__you
    Yes! Self-sustaining gamepads
  • bebangs
    now i need a vibrator to recharge these batteries. ^_^
  • mman74
    Wow! The perpetual powered vibrator!
    A battery like that for cell phone would be great. AA or AAA, not sure. I can always walk over to charger and get a fresh set.
  • hardcore_gamer
    ideal battery for wii-mote and playstation move
  • Pailin
    Just leave them on the washing machine now and then ~_^
  • weirdguy99
    I've had this technology in my torch for over 3 years now..what is with Tom's and old news.
  • sot010174
    I bet Duracell will buy the patent and will cease to allow production of any device of that kind. Lol
  • Griffolion
    Have this company just stumbled upon perpetual motion? With all the comments about female masturbation devices, i think they may just have broken the 2nd law of thermodynamics... lol
  • twu
    That will help electric cars, specially offroad.