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VIA Concept Renders White Canes Obsolete

We've talked about gadgets that could potentially give the blind something akin to super-powers. However, most of these concept devices are still used like a regular old walking stick, which still makes one look like, well, blind.

Not the VIA. This pair of futuristic looking wrist wraparounds look like web-shooters, but it gives you an entirely different power set: that of Spidey's uncanny ability to navigate the confusing New York cityscape, and the ability to sense oncoming danger.

As you can see from the video, the VIA's built-in cameras function just like the Kinect, detecting approaching objects and warning the wearer with Spider-sense like vibrations. Plus, it allows you to walk with a more natural gait. No more will you have to move around like a blind man just to enjoy your super powers.

[source: Noam Klopper's portfolio via Yanko Design]