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Apple 'Missed Something' Without Verizon iPhone

The Verizon iPhone isn't here yet, but there have been so many reports on it that it seems like it'll finally be a reality sometime in 2011.

According to this story on Fortune, such a deal has been in the making for years. Verizon originally passed up the iPhone because Apple wanted too much control, so AT&T won by default with an exclusive iPhone deal.

Of course, the technology that AT&T runs its phones on is similar to the same as the rest of the world. Apple making a phone that would work on AT&T would also mean that it could sell that phone to nearly all GSM-using markets.

Shortly after the launch of the original iPhone, Verizon exec Lowell ­McAdam (who will become the CEO next year), called Steve Jobs to talk about a deal.

McAdam supposedly said to Jobs, "We really ought to talk about how we do business together. We weren't able to [reach an agreement] a couple of years before, but it's probably worth having another discussion to make sure we're not missing something." Jobs, according to McAdam, replied, "Yeah, you're probably right. We have missed something."

Now that Verizon is selling the iPad (but so is AT&T), it seems that the door is open for more future Apple products.

Furthermore, the latest reports from manufacturing place both Foxconn, the current maker of the GSM-based iPhone 4, and Pegatron to make around 25 million CDMA phones for 2011.