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Valve's Steam Coming to Apple iOS and Android?

One lucky member of the Steam forums community got to visit the Valve offices and he walked away with some newsworthy tidbits.

One interesting new feature that will soon be a part of Steam will be a video recorder, which should make it all the easier for gamers to share their best moments. Prepare for lots of YouTube uploads.

Something else that piqued the interest of some was that Gabe Newell said that the company is looking at possibilities in extending Steam to the iOS and Android platforms. A gaming service like Steam has done wonders on the PC and Mac; and with mobile gaming already having solid ground on the phones, PMPs and tablets, it seems only natural.

If Valve were to pursue Steam for mobile platforms, it could likely do so on Android. After all, Amazon just launched its own app store this week. Apple, on the other hand, won't want to give up any of its app selling control, as well let anything threaten its Game Center service.

Most of the visitor's relayed experience is about Valve's games, so anyone interested should read more here.