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MoCap Mecha Uses Kinect for Full-Body Controls

Fly-by-wire controls work for fighter jets and modern airliners, but what about giant robots? To the Japanese, the logical answer is of course, motion capture. That way, pilots use their gigantic robots as extensions of their body, using their martial arts expertise to dispatch threats against mankind's freedom. Now, thanks to the Kinect, this is no longer restricted to the realm of Japanese anime or bad '90s scifi movies. Check out the video below:

It's called the V-Sido, a Japanese software designed to intuitively operate humanoid robots. While their site talks about mouse-driven controls, this tech demo obviously shows they're heading into the territory of motion-capture kung fu robots. Which, if memory serves, is exactly the premise of one of those Gundam spinoffs. And wouldn't you know, there's Gundam parked in Shizuoka. This isn't just mere coincidence: we're on to your plan, Japan.

[source: V-Sido(JP) via Gizmodo]