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Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data


Outlook contacts and calendar entries can be synchronized with the phone or they can be maintained separately. You can write short messages on your PC and send them to entries in your phone book via the item "Text message." "Multimedia studio" is used to browse media files (songs, pictures, mp4 movies) that you want to edit and use on your V3i. It lets you transfer specific files (ring tones, wallpaper etc.) to your phone and administer all contents.

With "Internet connection" you can use the V3i's modem as (GPRS based) internet connection for your computer. But please be aware of the costs before dialing up the internet. The ability to use the phone's keypad by mouse clicks seems like a simple gimmick.

This is the Synchronization suite showing calendar entries.

This is the Synchronization suite.

Synchronization options: Out of a small number of programs we choose Outlook.