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Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data

A USB Connection

Let's try a USB cable connection. You can choose to use the USB cell phone as a removable storage device or in fax/data mode. If you go for the first setting, the memory card will automatically be logged on as a mass storage device in Windows Explorer. Data can now be transferred without any limitation. No file size restrictions apply, but the slow USB 1.1 connection speed is a bottleneck. If you're transferring data using processes already in memory and you open the software, the transfer is terminated without warning or an option to finish the transfer.

The Phone Tools software works fine with a USB connection. You have the following options:

This is the main window of Motorola Phone Tools. To some extent, the software is handled like the real V3i.

Use the Multimedia Studio to prepare and transfer pictures and tunes to your phone. This is a view of picture processing ...

... and the file browser. Here, the phone display shows mp3 files.