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Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data

Nokia PC Suite (6230)

Nokia's 6230 as well as the new 6230i are among the company's best sellers. Memory cards with a capacity up to 2 GB can be inserted in the MMC card slot. The 6230's display is not all that good. Nokia improved the display with the 6230i, raising display resolution to 208x208 pixels.

We tested Nokia's PC Suite 6.70.22, which is available for download from the Nokia website. Right after successful installation of the software the quick launch menu shows two new symbols: The first is for basic synchronization and device log-on. The second symbol allows the user to navigate the complete suite. Contrary to former versions, the synchronization feature is much more reliable now. It accepts MS Outlook and Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and Lotus Organizer data.

It took the Nokia about 1:23 min to transfer a 4 MB mp3 file via Bluetooth, which equals 46 kB/s. This makes the Nokia 6230 the fastest cell phone in the field. The 6230 cannot read MS Office files, but it can handle text and pictures.

A simple click on a Nokia PC suite icon opens its designated sub-program. For example, clicking on "Contacts" opens a new Explorer window and you get an overview of all your SIM card contacts.

This is the main screen of Nokia's PC Suite with all the functions clearly shown. To sign on a phone, you have to click on the symbol "Get connected" (see below).

Like other programs the connection wizard lets the user choose the type of connection (cable, infrared or Bluetooth)...

... and to connect to devices that have been located. As soon as the device signed on to, the connection works reliably. After each reboot of the computer, the 6230 quickly asks to reconnect.