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Usain Bolt is in Temple Run 2 Now

Popular runner game Temple Run 2 has a real runner! According to Eurogamer, the Olympian is now available as a character in Temple Run 2, but he'll only be there for a limited time, so if you want to play as Bolt, you'll have to act fast. Of course, Bolt wouldn't be Bolt if there wasn't something special about him. To that end, his character will have a special 'bolt' ability. This will activate an electric bolt shield that offers invincibility and an auto-guidance mode as well as attracting coins.

Temple Run was developed by Imangi Studios and published in 2011. The sequel, the imaginatively named 'Temple Run 2' was released on January 17, 2013 and is available on both iOS and Android. The app currently has four stars in Apple's App Store, but it seems reviewers aren't too pleased that they have to fork over real cash for Usain as opposed to using in game credits.

"I play this game all the time and have earned my way to the top. You guys are NOT making me pay for Bolt as a new character. Instead of 25000 coins go ahead and make him 100000 but NO, I'm not paying for a character," writes one user. "I was expecting there to be maybe a high-coin cost for Usain Bolt, but I don't really want to spend a dollar for a character that just has a new power up... I still think Usain Bolt is awesome!!" another wrote.

The Usain Bolt character, which costs 99c as an in-app purchase, is currently the number one in-app purchase for Temple Run 2.

  • slomo4sho
    Why would you want a sprinter if you are running a marathon?
  • back_by_demand
    slomo4sho, because famous marathon runners are boring as hell and Usain "Lightning" Bolt is the fastest man on Earth ever, who is going to buy a character based on Haile Gebrselassie or Paula Radcliffe? Do you even know who they are without using Google?