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U.S. Declares it is Capable of Carrying Out Cyberattacks

As a submission to Congress, the document lacks specifics, but it is the most detailed to date and is warning potential attackers that hostile activity against the United States would mean "taking a grave risk."

The document appears to be an update to a cyberstrategy document released earlier this year and is very clear about the government's position how it will handle cyberattacks, even if there are no descriptions of possible cyberattacks, the role of neutral countries or a complete set of rules of engagement. It is the first time the government confirms that it is willing to carry out cyberattacks and that it has the capability to do so.

This latest report states that the president would be in charge of such attacks, but it also mentions that there is a need for "automated, preapproved defensive responses to some hostile acts in cyberspace," the Washington Post writes.