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How to Update Google Glass Software

Despite the fact that Google Glass isn't yet available to the general public, the company has already released 17 updates to the software for the heads up display. XE 17 fixed some bugs that caused Glass to unexpectedly restart. Helpfully, Glass will automatically update its software, under the right conditions. Here's how you can make sure your Glass is up to date.  

1. Swipe from front to back to bring up the Settings menu. Tap.

2. Swipe from back to front to bring up the Device Info menu. This will indicate if an update is available, tell you how much storage space you have left, and what version you're currently running.

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3. If an update is available, plug your Glass into its charger. If it's connected via Wi-Fi, it will automatically download and install.

4. If that doesn't work, turn the Glass off and restart it.