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Untangling the Spaghetti Wire Mess


New Year's Eve, for many, is a time of celebration, mirth and good cheer, tempered of course, by New Year resolutions. However, starting that diet, quitting smoking or spending more time with the family is not something THG can help you with. But if you intend once and for all to straighten out that mess of wires behind and around your desk that connect your PC to a host of peripherals, then maybe Cable-Safe's Complete Cable Manager can help clean up your act.

Inside The Box

The Cable-Safe Complete Cable Manager's kit comes filled with an array of pieces to fix the PC-wire tangle. The key component of the entire system comprises a clamp assembly, which looks like a cross between a Gordon Freeman crowbar and a monkey wrench.

The clamp is a long bar with slots in the middle and set of brackets on either side to which the other parts attach. It easily attaches to a desk or tabletop by closing the clamp and then securing it in place with the unique locking pinion and rack system.

A series of grooves in the clamp head are locked in place when the teeth on the orange lever engage.

Just in case your furniture is not conducive for attachment via the clamp, four screws are provided. There are four screw holes in the base of the clamp to screw it into place.