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Nanotube Clothes to Power Your Gadgets Soon

Smartphones are fun, useful all-in-one tools that keep us connected in a way that wasn't possible half a decade ago. Unfortunately, the damned contraptions work through batteries pretty quickly, with Apple's being one of the worst offenders. So what's the alternative, buy one of those battery cases for your iPhone and ruin its slim form factor? Or would you rather juice up your gadget with your T-shirt?

That's exactly the kind of thing that researchers from University of Texas are making possible. How, you might ask? Well, they've developed a method of creating threads out of metallic powders, specifically boron and magnesium. So far, this revolutionary technique, which involves trapping the powders in carbon nanotube webs, has allowed them to create batteries and superconductors out of yarn. And as cloth, the power-generating cloth is machine-washable, unlike your typical Lithium-Ion battery.

[source: Technology Review via Fast Company]