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e-Ink to be Printed on Actual Paper

E-Ink technology has allowed us to make digital books a reality. Unlike LCD or CRT screens, which can be a pain to look at for extended periods, e-Ink displays don't cause too much of an eyestrain, and look better under direct light. Too bad they aren't as disposable nor foldable like actual paper. That is, until now.

University of Cincinnati professor Andrew Steckl, along with doctoral student Duk Young Kim have successfully made e-Ink that's based on paper. Their technique uses electrowetting, as opposed to the electrophoretic displays used on current devices like the Kindle. The technique uses very little voltage, can display high-contrast color, and is brighter than a reflective LCD screen.

If all of those features weren't enough for you, Steckl and Kim discovered that electrowetting doesn't necessarily require glass or plastic to act as its substrate; apparently paper works just fine.

Steckl's breakthrough means we could very well see newspapers with embedded video clips and multiple articles all in one page. Plus, since the process is relatively inexpensive, you wouldn't mind if your wife uses it to wrap the fish or scoop up the dog's leavings.

[source: University of Cincinnati via Gizmag]