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Robots Duke it Out in Fight Club Tournament

Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club (and its movie adaptation) struck a raw nerve in many an emasculated wage-slave. Here was a story of empowerment, of going against the establishment and your predetermined role as a mere cog in the machines of industry and finance. It's no wonder that even until now, phrases like "The first rule of Fight Club" remain popular.

Who knew that that same message, that same theme of releasing aggression, could be applied to robots? Japan, that's who. Since the '70s, the Land of the Rising Sun knew that robots have one true purpose in their synthetic lives: beat the living crap out of someone, preferably aliens and/or other robots.

Well, since there aren't any confirmed alien invasions so far, what's a poor humanoid Japanese robot to do? The answer is simple: take them to a robot beat-em-up competition and have them take out their aggressions on each other. While there are official tournaments already, like Dekinnoka, apparently robotic bloodlust (oillust? lubricantlust?) is so intense that they must partake in underground robot tournaments.

This particular robo-Fight Club was held in Akihabara in December of last year. The tourney was mainly humanoids vs humanoids, although some leeway was given to four-legged MMA-style grapplers. The rules are pretty simple: whoever gets knocked out loses. The footage above was for the last match, which used Lumberjack rules. It's safe to assume that the cone-headed robot won, although our Japanese is spotty, so your guess is as good as ours.

[source: Robo-times(JP)]