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Uber's Self-Driving Cars Are Hitting the Road Soon

Uber and Volvo are teaming up to develop self-driving cars expected to make their way to Pittsburgh later this month.

Photo: Alexey Boldin /

Photo: Alexey Boldin /

As part of a $300 million collaboration, Volvo will supply modular Volvo XC90 SUVs and Uber will supply the Silicon Valley cool factor and the passengers. Engineers on both sides will work in close collaboration, according to a Volvo press release.

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It's unclear yet how much it will cost to hail one of these autonomous cars in Pittsburgh, but skeptical Uber-users concerned for their safety need not worry. For the time being, there will be an  engineer in the driver's seat, waiting for any unexpected obstacles, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Ultimately, both Uber and Volvo will be making their own versions of driverless cars based on scaled-down Volvos that each company's engineers will equip with the cameras, lasers, radars and other sensors.

Earlier this year, Google, Uber, Lyft, Volvo and Ford joined forces to create the Self-Driving coalition for Safer Streets to work with government regulators and the public to promote widespread acceptance of autonomous cars.

Despite reports of self-driving car crashes, including a recent fatal one involving a Tesla Model S on autopilot, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that self-driving cars will make roads safer and supports their research and development.