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The Facebook Live For Gamers Is Almost Here

Going live on Twitch will soon be as simple as pulling your smartphone out and pressing a button. The popular gaming-centric livestreaming platform is set to get mobile broadcasting next year, which could position Twitch as a viable alternative to Facebook Live or Periscope.

Details are currently scarce on Twitch's mobile streaming initiative, as the company's blog only notes that the feature is due next year and that you'll be able to broadcast from the existing Twitch mobile app. If you want to test the feature out before it launches, you can sign up for a beta here.

Mobile broadcasting will complement Twitch's new "IRL" content category, which allows streamers to simply broadcast their everyday lives when they're not gaming. Mobile streams will go under the IRL category by default, since most folks will probably be using the feature to broadcast themselves walking through a convention hall or reacting to the latest episode of The Walking Dead. IRL is essentially Twitch's answer to vlogging, and you'll be able to post pre-recorded videos of your daily adventures in addition to going live.

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Twitch is quickly evolving into a place for watching just about anything, not just people playing games. Other recent category additions include Creative, Food, and Social Eating, which encourage streamers to broadcast themselves making art, cooking, and yes, even just eating food.

Twitch's mobile broadcasting feature likely won't dethrone Facebook Live as the king of mobile streaming. Still, it could get a whole new crowd hooked on live video, particularly folks who simply want to witness the day-to-day lives of their favorite gamers.