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Television Broadcasters Have to Tone Down Loud Ads

The new regulation bans TV ads from being louder than the non-advertising content and will be in effect in December 2012. If a substantial financial impact is shown by an advertiser, the time to comply will be extended to December 2014.

The rules aim to remove commercials that were monitored to have been, in some instances, up to ten times louder than regular content, according the AP. DG, an ad distribution company, said that about 30 percent of TV ads are currently too loud. The share has fallen from about 70 percent over the past months as broadcasters have begun rejecting ads with excessive volume. Hundreds of TV stations across the country apparently have installed material to comply with CALM.

The law has its origin in an effort brought forward by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, several years ago, who acted upon a request from her brother-in-law who complained about a "horribly loud" commercial. AP noted that CALM "became one of the most popular bills she's ever sponsored."