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Tron Home Design by Corian

We've all seen our share of Tron inspired things from motorcycles to toys to music to an animated show, but did you ever expect to see a Tron influenced home? During Milan Design Week 2011, a collaborative effort of various designers blew people away with their Tron inspired living solutions.

Italian-based studio Aquilialberg teamed up with kitchen manufacturer Ernestomeda to produce the kitchen pictured above. In addition to the standard dining table and sink that can be found in regular kitchens, Aquilialberg's design features high-tech electroluminescent light film that produces Tron's iconic blue glow. 

Italian designer Ilaria Marelli was responsible for the bedroom space pictured above. Hopefully the lights dim themselves when it's bedtime.

Milan-based Marco Piva architectural and design studio designed the indoor jacuzzi room complete with Tron disk inspired shapes.

Of course the Tron home must come equipped with a home theatre area that loops the film endlessly. Here we have Giulio Cappellini's design for said home theatre.

Finally we have the 'outdoors' concept conceived by Setsu and Shinobu Ito of milan-based Studio Ito Design.