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Tron: Legacy USB Flash Drives

With the release of Tron: Legacy merely weeks away, geeks are going crazy showing their love for the videogame-based sequel. We've seen show-accurate costumes and even a full-scale light cycle. Of course, not everybody can pony up $55,000 for a bike, or have the DIY skills to make a glowing Tronsuit that doesn't look like Tron Guy's.

Don't worry, you still have an alternative, thanks to the many hawkers and merchants looking to exploit your fanboyism. Case in point, this pair of miniature Tron lightcycle USB flash drives straight from Disney. They come in two models, one based on Kevin Flynn's lightcycle, and the other on his spawnling Sam's. Get both, and let your little tyke share in the awesome nerdness of Tron, just like Kevin did for his own son.

[source: Toys R' Us via Chip Chick]