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Up for Auction: Tron Light Cycle

Remember that uber-expensive $100,000 Batpod? The makers behind that bat vehicle are now in the Tron Light Cycle business, auctioning off a limited set, starting at $35,000 a piece.

Unlike the Batpod however, these replica light cycles are actually street-legal ("everyday street use"). The rubber for the hubless wheels are a custom number from Hoosier, while the steel frame is covered by a carbon fiber and fiberglass shell populated with neon LED lines for the Tron look. Pushing a button reveals a higher-output light at the back, designed to simulate the light trail these light cycles use to play those high-stakes games of Snake.

Only five bikes with different light colors (red, blue, yellow, orange, and green) will be built. Depending on the choice of the eventual buyer, they will be powered by a gas or electric engine. Too bad you can't just this bike to punish idiotic drivers, by leaving a light stream for them to crash into.

2010 Custom Built Motorcycles Pro Street Light Cycle CBR R1