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Make Your Own Gadget: From Idea To Reality

A Time to Make Something Awesome

A few months ago, we did a story on the wonders of the Maker world where we showcased a plethora of exciting projects. The story generated a lot of interest in the Maker scene as well as curiosity in the process of building your own gadgets. This time, we're going to take you on a journey through the life of a single project, from conception, to birth, and beyond.

William Thielicke offered us the perfect project, a tri-copter he calls Shrediquette. Not only is this project stunning and interesting, but William also documented everything extremely well, to the point that anyone with a strong interest in electronics could build one of their own.

A tri-copter is similar in concept to a Tandem Rotor Helicopter, like the Chinook (the big cargo helicopters with two rotors), but a tri-copter adds a third rotor to the configuration, greatly improving stability and payload. In the case of William's Shrediquette, it's also capable of some extreme maneuverability, such as flips and rolls.

Shrediquette takes remote-controlled flight to a completely new level, incorporating high-powered motors and automated stability control. With the tri-copter's current configuration, it can even lift over 1.2 lbs., nearly its entire weight, and can sustain high-performance flights of up to 20 minutes.

William was kind enough to walk us through the entire build process, sharing his knowledge and experience.