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Micro-Casettes Recycled into a Lamp

Ok, so the Walkman's dead, and nobody but your grandma is using cassette tapes. What to do with all that excess plastic then? Send it to a recycling bin? That'd be a waste, especially if one of those tapes happens to be your only copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

What's the alternative then? Well, you could "recycle" your old cassettes, and proudly display them as part of an elaborate retro-styled fixture, like this Tape Lamp. It was created by Transparent House, a design firm comprised of Slavic 80's kids. Who better than to make such a fitting tribute to the cassette?

The Table Lamp uses microcassettes, which are smaller than the kind you're used to. They're about the same size as the transforming tapes on your vintage Soundwave toy, but it gets the point across. Transparent House affixed a hundred of these microcassettes to the the cut plexiglass body. The spools are exposed too, allowing you to wind the tapes as you like and create a unique pattern.

You can get your very own Tape Lamp over at Transparent House's etsy shop. We're warning you though, the price of nostalgia is pretty steep.