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Paramount, Kingston Puts Transformers 2 on USB

It's the digital age, where some form of entertainment are found more often on personal storage devices than on physical media bought from the store. Yes, it's a transitionary period, and there's no better proof of that than in Kingston and Paramount's new upcoming product.

Kingston and Paramount announced that both companies will deliver full-length motion picture feature films on Kingston Flash memory products. The movies on Kingston memory will be available to consumers as part of a bundle package and for sale.

"This unique agreement enables PDE to make available its entertainment offerings on USB and SD cards," said Alex Carloss, EVP and GM of Paramount Digital Entertainment. "As more and more movies are viewed on computers and other portable devices, having a relationship with Kingston will become increasingly important to Paramount for years to come."

One of the first movies out the gate is Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, which will come on a 4 GB USB stick and retail for $29.99. Sadly, there's no mention of what kind of codec or DRM scheme it'll use, but we'll tap Kingston for further details.

Would you ever choose to buy a USB stick move over a DVD or Blu-ray?