TouchPico Turns Any Surface into a Touch Screen

It almost sounds like a late-night infomercial: It's an Android PC and a portable projector. It's both! TouchPico has launched an Indigogo campaign to fund an Android-based PC that will project an 80-inch display onto any flat surface.

The projector will be able to run any Google App, and can stream activity from your phone, PC or Mac. But the device's real magic is that it will allow users to interact directly with the display. Users would use a special stylus, which the TouchPico would recognize via Iinfrared technology. This would allow users to type on the on-screen keyboard, fling birds, move displays around or any number of functions.  

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The TouchPico is heavier than an Samsung Galaxy S4, and about the same size. TouchPico is marketing it to teachers, businesspeople, families, gamers and even exercise enthusiasts. It will come with Android 4.0, an SD memory card slot and HDMI inputs, and should offer about 80 lumens of output. Other details regarding the CPU or exact dimensions aren't available at this time. 

Currently, TouchPico is running a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $55,000. The first 45 backers can preorder a TouchPico for $269, and the next 65 can preorder it for $289. If backers are unable to preorder or don't have enough money, they can reserve one for $99, and pay $329 for one later. There are also options for businesses and developers to preorder one if desired.  

The TouchPico looks like an impressive piece of hardware that will provide a portable computer with a larger screen. We've covered projectors before, but we've never seen one that is both a projector and a computer. We hope that we can get our hands on one and review it for you. The company plans to start shipping units by Oct. 30.

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  • Steve Simons
    Interesting idea, but quite overpriced considering the cost of a projector these days. I'd have to see bulb replacement costs too. Very cautious on this one.
  • AudioOk
    Shame that every stretch goals mens you have to pay 50 extra to get. That not the crowd funding spirit, it's crowd marketing..
  • hodorhodorhodor
    Interesting idea but the power output may be too little for the usage that they're claming to use it for. 150 lumens would not be good for a 80" screen projection. But there is already an Android projector out that may solve that issue called the AAXA LED Android that I found read on CNet. It has 550 lumens but it can't do the touchscreen feature. However it is an Android projector that can do everything else that the Touchpico is. Pretty good idea but may be too low on the lumens to be effective in the classrooms for students.