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The Lamp That's Touchy-Feely

Even as we push to digitize everything, manufacturers are rediscovering analog controls. Ironically, control schemes that rely on subjective human input turn out to be more precise than their cold, digital counterparts.

That's probably the thinking behind the Touch Fluid Lamp, a concept lamp by Taiwanese designer Yuexun Chen. Similar in form to a scaled-down street light with lamp that angles away from the main body, the Touch Fluid Lamp features a unique, touch-based illumination control.

The lighting array runs along the entire length of the concept device. Beside this array is a strip that detects the warmth of human touch. By sliding his or her finger along this strip, the user can intuitively set the illumination level, and even set which individual lights turn on or off. For instance, if max lighting is necessary, the user simply runs their finger across the majority of the strip. To concentrate the lighting on a specific area, the user just touches the areas that he or she wants to light up.

The top of the lamp detaches to become a mobile light. The tip of this breakaway component also doubles as a magnetic grip, allowing the user to mount the light on any metallic surface if two hands are suddenly required.

The Touch Fluid Lamp is an interesting concept that seems quite doable with our level of technology today. Whether a manufacturer bothers turning the idea into a working product remains a point of speculation though.

Touch Fluid Lamp control the amount of light with a warm touch