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Tom’s Guide Flashlight Giveaway

The first thing you go for when the power goes out, and undoubtedly the best choice to make when challenged to a shadow puppets fight.  A flashlight!  And here at Tom’s Guide, the flashlight also happens to be part of our iconic logo – shining a light on all those nifty doo-dads, gizmos and whirligigs.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re giving away five of the iconic Tom’s Guide Flashlights!  It’s super-easy to enter!  Allow us to… “illuminate” the process for you.  Hah! Illuminate! Get it?
1.       “Like” Tom’s Guide on Facebook. (
2.       Post a comment in the article commentary below.
3.       Be one of five lucky individuals in the random drawing!
If you are already one of our Facebook Fans, you only have to post in the below comments section to be entered for the random drawing.
Good luck, and let the commenting begin!