Tomb Raider to Feature AMD's, Cystal Dynamics' TressFX Hair

AMD has announced that they collaborated with developer Crystal Dynamics on the highly anticipated reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise as part of AMD's Gaming Evolved Program. This effort has resulted in the upcoming title featuring a number of innovative technologies that aims to allow gamers to "unleash the full potential of next-generation technology". The most prominent of these features is TressFX, the first in-game implementation of a real-time, per strand physics engine that gives Lara Croft an "astonishingly lifelike appearance".

Tomb Raider will also ship with support for a broad range of AMD specific technologies including Crossfire, Eyefinity and HD3D stereo 3D and will also be the first title in the franchise to make full use of DirectX 11. The latter is touted as being a "direct result of Crystal Dynamic’s collaboration with AMD Gaming Evolved".

Commenting on the announcement, Matt Skynner, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of AMD Graphic stated that "with the launch of ‘Tomb Raider’ and TressFX Hair, AMD and Crystal Dynamics have radically pushed the boundaries of realism in the PC gaming experience, over the past several months, AMD has proven that the Gaming Evolved program is set to full throttle, and today’s launch is a testament to AMD’s ingenuity and innovation. Our team is working with the finest game developers in the world to ensure AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series graphics deliver the ultimate PC gaming experience."

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  • Anonymous
    Title is wrong! Cystal? Spell check much?
  • aragis
    Forget about the hair AMD, make the boobs jiggle realistically.
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  • vrumor
    Looks pretty good actually, however, each individual strand should not have a noticeable shadow.
  • Anonymous
    Title is wrong! Cystal? Spell check much?
  • anthonyorr
    Maybe it gives "cysts astonishingly lifelike appearance"?