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Kisai Satellite: Another Concept Hits Reality

There's an old saying that form should meet function. Well, with Tokyoflash Japan, more often than not form meets function, gives it a perfunctory peck on the cheek before zooming ahead by its lonesome. It's no wonder that most of the concept submissions to their design blog defy convention in more ways than one, usually to the detriment of your eyesight and will to live.

It's a pleasant surprise when they approve a concept for production, and it's actually readable. The Kisai Satellite, submitted last May to the Tokyoflash Design Studio blog, proved so popular that it's become the second watch to reach the production stage. As mentioned before, it's pretty easy to read, unlike some of the regulars of the Kisai line. One circle represents hours, another marks out 5-minute increments, while a third counts out four seconds.

We'd be disappointed from this obvious lack of time-telling challenge, if it weren't for the Satellite's rather stylish, minimalist approach.

[source: Tokyoflash Japan Design Studio blog]