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Kisai Console is a Refugee from Star Trek

When it comes to creating watches that defy all common sense, you know you can count on Tokyoflash Japan. Of course, it's hard to keep up with the madness, so they opened a blog for budding designers to submit their own nightmares for consideration. The latest logic-warping wristwatch to graduate from this blog is the Kisai Console.

Thankfully, despite the confusing interface, the Console feels a bit familiar. With the predilection for elongated hexes and sickly green display, it would look comfortable in a science fiction setting. In fact, we're pretty sure you could wear this to a Star Trek convention, and they'd probably think it's official memorabilia from the Next Generation show (a Romulan wrist computer perhaps?). For a Tokyoflash, that's saying a lot.

[source: Tokyoflash Japan]