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Kanjiflow Watch is Perfect for Keanu Reeves

We might have been a bit too harsh with Tokyoflash Japan. Yes, their watches are unreadable without a 5-week basic training course and mind-altering substances, but maybe they're just trying to tell us something. Something like, we're all starring in a Wachowski film about enslaved humans and their superpowered CGI avatars trying to free humanity from a virtual world.

Finally, they're showing us a design that just gets that point across: it's the Kanjiflow, designed after the unusual vertical displays as seen on the Matrix films. Ok, so the matrix GUI actually used katakana, but according to the designer, Kanji has fewer characters, and is thus easier to render.

It is quite readable for a Tokyoflash submission, which begs the question: "why, oh why, didn't I take the blue pill?"

[source: Tokyoflash Concept blog]