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Circuit Watch is the Timepiece for Tron Nerds

Our old friends Tokyoflash Japan are at it again. Not content with driving us insane with the trippy Wasted, The masters of eldritch horology have come up with a watch that takes inspiration from the cult classic Tron. Yes, it'll trap what little sanity you have left in a psychedelic virtual world based off early 80's videogame technology.

Remember, this is Tokyoflash, so generic chronometers need not apply. Submitted by a Frenchman named Genghis, this concept uses a circuit board design to indicate the passage of time, as if you'd really need to know once your mind's snapped. The collection of "contact points" light up via underlying LEDs, with three groups of contacts to indicate the hours and minutes. 

We're guessing the Tron Guy would want to use this watch to count the days to Tron: Legacy's premiere.

[source: Tokyoflash Japan]