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A Concept Watch Fit for Imperial Rome

We have a lot to thank for Imperial Rome. They set so many precedents in terms of architecture, government, and warfare. If there's one thing we'd like to forget about Rome, and it's definitely not their wild parties, it's their archaic number system. Well if you're the type who actually enjoyed those Roman numeral classes, prepare to live your dreams as part of the senate, all without the possibility of getting stabbed.

This concept from our old brain-killers Tokyoflash Japan takes more than inspiration from Augustus Cesar's mighty tromp across Europe. It's fashioned out of a solid silver band, which was quite fashionable in the days when underwear wasn't a requirement. Instead of displaying those heathen Hindu-Arabic numerals, it shows the classic numerical system common during the Mediterranean's more civilized era.

The LCD display area is even sectioned into an hourglass shape to help uncouth barbarians understand it better: the upper bulb will hold the hours, while the lower one displays the minutes. To be honest, this might be the most understandable watch from Tokyoflash yet. They should prep this concept for production ASAP.

[source: Tokyoflash Japan Concept blog]