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iPhone is Now the Favorite Toy for Toddlers

As tech-loving adults we spend a lot of time staring at our smartphones when we're not near our computers. It's funny how much we rely on a little LCD or AMOLED screen even after spending hours at our desks, but that's just how things are for us.

The technology fascination has trickled down to the youngest generation now. The New York Times has an article exploring how toddlers have embraced the iPhone as the new greatest toy.

While these children aren't updating their statuses (yet), it's easy to see how the iPhone is easily a more compelling toy than just a static picture book. While kids may still love books, the iPhone – and other smartphones like it – respond instantly to touch in a way that books cannot. Throw in a few simple games and you'll see why a toddler would prefer Angry Birds over building something with Lego.

Child development experts caution against relying too much on the iPhone. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a psychology professor at Temple University, said that children learn best through active engagement – something that you don't get from the screen – that helps them to adapt.

Still, it's easy to understand why parents would turn to the iPhone as a toy for kids, especially with apps tailored to preschoolers, including the iGo Potty app that helps in potty training.

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