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Titanfall App Touches Down on Mobile Devices

Titanfall has been topping sales charts left and right, so it makes sense the game should receive its own companion app, complete with lore, stats and second-screen functionality. The Titanfall Companion App is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, but PC players, take note: only Xbox One owners will be able to access all of its features.

If you’ve used a companion app for a competitive multiplayer shooter before, the Titanfall Companion App should provide a very familiar feature set. In addition to providing background information about the settings, characters and weapons in the game, the app also allows you to log in and check a comprehensive list of your in-game stats. It shows your wins and losses, plus you can monitor which weapons you’ve unlocked and which game modes you’ve spent the most time playing.

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If you play “Titanfall” on the PC, that’s as far as you’ll be able to go, but Xbox One users will have a few more features at their fingertips. Xbox One players can use the app as a second-screen map that updates in real-time. This map displays the entire level, as well as the locations of all of your teammates. Additionally, the app description claims that you can customize this map with filters not found in the game, giving app-users an edge.

While the Xbox One-exclusive second-screen features will almost surely rub PC players the wrong way, the app itself seems like a useful addition to “Titanfall.” At 612 MB, it’s not a small download, so only hardcore fans (or those with storage to spare) will want to pick this one up.

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